Bridal Beauty Checklist: Plan Your Look In Advance

Wedding shoes and bouquet

Every bride looks forward to her big day with anticipation and glee. There are so many fun things associated with getting married – having all your family and friends around you, drinks and dancing, and all the photographs you get to look back on later!

To look your best when the moment is captured and truly enjoy all the perks of your wedding day, it’s important to prepare in advance. When it comes to wedding planning, it is worth being super organized about beauty and having a thorough checklist of what to do and when.

From following the basic hair care tips to getting the right stylist, here’s your ultimate bridal beauty timeline.

3 months before: Make sure you have gorgeous hair

Great-looking hair takes time, so there’s no point trying to sort out major issues just before your big day. Instead, try to deal with any long-standing hair concerns well in advance and at least three months beforehand if you can. For example, hair needs to be cut regularly to avoid breakage and split ends, so make sure you have regular appointments with your stylist before the wedding. Also, make sure you follow the right hair care tips for your hair type and condition in order to get it healthy right in time for the big day!

1 month before: Check your stylist is in place

Some people will have a stylist booked the moment they get engaged, but one month beforehand is an absolute minimum. The stylist should be a respected and experienced professional who can advise you on your beauty look for the day. Some people have separate hairdressers and make-up artists, but many professionals can do both these days and this can save some money and hassle.

1 week before: Buy any products you will need for the big day

Make-up and skin products really do vary depending on how long they’ve been open. For the most important day of your life you’ll only want to apply fresh stuff. One week beforehand have a look through all your beauty products and check what needs replacing or topping up. Doing this close to the big day will mean that everything you use is in tip top condition.

3 days before: Sort your fake tan (if needed!) and nails

Seventy-two hours to go and it’s time to plan out the tan and the nails. Head to a tanning salon for a professional spray or start using a gradual build-up product at home. Applying three days in a row should get you a healthy glow while avoiding the dreaded tangerine look. Get your nails sorted now too – any earlier and they could get chipped, so book the appointment in advance and then try to avoid any heavy lifting once they are done.

24 hours before: Relax!

There will be loads of things you still need to do 24 hours before the big day, but to look your best it’s also important to relax. At this point a professional should be taking over your hair and beauty concerns so you can sit back and enjoy yourself. Nothing looks better than a happy, excited bride simply looking forward to her big day.

Those are our top tips for wedding beauty. Just remember the basics like how to get shiny hair, when to do your spray tan, but most importantly to enjoy yourself!

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