The Benefits of Jade Rolling – Does It Really Work?

Jade rolling

Have you ever wondered what women did to take care of their skin hundreds of years or even centuries ago? They definitely did not have an abundance of facial creams and skin treatments like we do now. I’m also pretty sure women didn’t have all the fancy electronic gadgets that help smooth and lift the skin.

In the past few years a beauty tool has popped up on my radar that has spurred my interest. You’ve probably seen quite a few beauty bloggers and YouTubers talking about the jade roller and why it’s a must-have beauty tool. I used to always see Tina Craig of Bag Snob using it in her Instagram stories. As someone who believes in the power of healing stones, it only makes sense to use jade on the face to help stimulate and rejuvenate the skin.

Jade has quite a few metaphysical properties and meanings. It is a stone of abundance and prosperity, a symbol of growth and vitality, plus it is known as the stone of eternal youth. You know how Asian women have such porcelain smooth skin? The Chinese and other Asian civilizations have been using jade for centuries to create youthful and vibrant-looking skin. Emperors and empresses used the jade roller on their face as one of their “ancient beauty secrets”.

I’ve been using a jade roller for about a month now and absolutely love it. I plan to use it for a couple more months and update this post with before and after photos so we can see if there really is a difference. All I know right now is that it feels so soothing on my face whenever I use it. Sometimes I’ll plan to roll it on my face (always roll up!) for a few minutes, but end up lying on my bed and rolling for about 10 minutes. It’s that relaxing!

Benefits of Jade Rolling

Increases circulation in your face – The gentle motion on your face stimulates the cells beneath the skin surface and promotes better blood flow, which contributes to a healthy glow. Also, when jade rolling is done after applying your favorite serum or moisturizer, it is supposed to help the skin cells open up to absorb the product better.

Soothes and relaxes your skin – Just like the rest of your body needs exercise and massages, your face needs exercise and massages too. I can certainly attest that jade rolling soothes and relaxes the skin. For me, it’s almost addicting, actually. Do remember to roll up, though, in order to lift the skin.

Purifies and detoxes skin – The lymphatic system fights toxins in your body, but it can become stagnant if overwhelmed by toxic debris. The jade roller promotes lymphatic drainage so that toxins can be taken away from the face.

Reduces eye puffiness and discoloration – The jade roller has two sides to it. I use the smaller side for the under eye area to help get rid of bags and puffiness.

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Jade face roller

Have you tried jade rolling? Has it worked for you? I’d love to learn more about your experience. Leave a comment below!

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