My Vegetarian Experience: A Testimonial of Improved Health and Weight Loss

Vegetable Salad

If you had told me a couple years ago that I would go through the vegetarian experience, I would have laughed in your face. I was your typical meat and potatoes girl. I love delicious pot roast or juicy steak with mashed potatoes and corn.

After watching the movie, “What the Health“, a documentary that reveals how the foods we eat contribute to many of the diseases that plague our society, I quit eating meat immediately. I do believe the fearful, depressing energy stays in that animal and gets transferred to us when we eat. Even before I stopped eating meat I made it a point to eat organic or free-range meats because of this reason.

I actually tried to stop eating meat a year ago, but that lasted about two days. I don’t remember exactly what prompted me to try the vegetarian diet back then. All I know is that the idea of going meatless was not as compelling as the meat-filled meals that came across my Pinterest feed.

Being healthy in mind, body, and spirit has been a focus for me the past ten years. My philosophy about beauty is that if you can’t be healthy on the inside, there’s no point in trying to be beautiful on the outside. Diet and healthy eating is a habit that I’ve developed and encourage everyone to be more aware of.

Being a vegetarian has been an eye-opening experience. I always paid attention to my diet and eating habits, but now I’m more aware of what exactly I’m putting in my body. Overall, I consider myself a healthy person and eat whole foods as opposed to processed foods.

I can’t go full-blown vegan because I love eggs and cheese too much. I did try a vegan cheese for a week and it just didn’t do anything for me.

Some of the things that have happened since I became a vegetarian:

Weight loss
I used to be a major carnivore and had meat in just about every meal. I noticed weight loss in my legs, waist, and butt when my pants felt looser.

Blood pressure lowered
I’ve been dealing with high blood pressure for quite a few years. Once I stopped eating meat my blood pressure decreased substantially.

More focused energy
I’m not exactly sure if it’s because I stopped eating meat or a product of meditating more often, but I don’t feel scatterbrained or overwhelmed.

More creative with cooking meals
Many of the meals I cook contain black beans or tofu. I also buy mock meats at Sprouts that are actually not that bad. Pinterest has become my best friend in the search for vegetarian recipes, which I pin to my Yummy Treats board.

I have to admit, though, that I actually did eat some chicken when we went to Costa Rica (check out my adventures here) just because I had to experience all the food there. The chicken tastes much “cleaner” and more tender. I also do eat fish or seafood occasionally, so I guess technically I’m considered a pescatarian.

It’s been about four months now since I’ve cut down on meat and I actually don’t miss it that much. Every once in awhile I’ll have cravings for steak, pot roast, or beef enchiladas (my favorite Mexican food!) but haven’t caved into the urges.

I’d love to hear about your vegetarian experience and the challenges, if any, that you have faced. If you’re considering changing your eating habits, I would recommend trying out a meatless diet.

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