The Best Moisturizer For Your Hair Type

The Best Moisturizer For Your Hair Type

Dry, frizzy, split-end ridden hair can be the worst when it comes to hair problems. To avoid this fate one thing is absolutely key: conditioning, conditioning and more conditioning. It may sound simple, but it really is the most important thing you need to sort out dry, tired hair.

Knowing how to appropriately fill locks with moisture can be more difficult than it seems, however. Different hair types need different kinds of conditioner. Thick, prone to drying-out types such as 4a hair type will require completely different treatments than wispy blonde locks, for example. In this article you’ll get the low-down on exactly the right kind of moisturizer to use for your hair type.

Fair Hair

If you are naturally blonde, have golden locks, or very fine hair, it is likely prone to getting greasy. You might go for just 12-24 hours until it needs re-washing. While this can be frustrating (and time consuming!), it also means you are less likely to suffer from dry hair. Natural oils tend to be nature’s own moisturizers, however, it’s still important to be vigilant.

While you may have greasy roots, it is not uncommon to also have dry ends. To combat this, try leave-in spray conditioner. Not only do these products smell great, they are also light enough so that hair doesn’t get overloaded with moisture, leading to grease.

Short Curls and Afros

For those lucky enough to be blessed with natural curls, moisturizing needs are likely to be pretty different. If you have 4a hair, for example, your locks are much more prone to getting dry and need a lot more added water.

The issue with curls, however, is how to moisturize it in a way that’s going to add definition rather than make it too heavy. The best thing to do is use a product specifically designed for curly hair types. These are usually marketed as frizz-ease products, but are essentially hair conditioners designed for curly hair. Apply to wet strands post-shower and before blow drying to ensure beautiful ringlets or waves.

Dark, Heavy, Thick Hair

Really heavy-duty conditioner is saved for those with dark, thick hair. Dark types can take more moisture without it looking greasy and thicker hair is less likely to be weighed down. If you have this type of hair and are suffering from a bit of dryness, pull out the big guns and try some oil on your hair. You don’t need much as these have a big impact, but a little argon oil or even mild olive oil can do wonders on a bit of frizz. Try with a pea-sized amount first and monitor how it does on your hair, then increase as required.

I have dark, coarse hair that frizzes easily, so I’ve used hair oil treatments such as MoroccanOil Treatment and Natural Essentials Dry Oil.

Do you have any top tips for using the right kind of moisturizer for your hair type?

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