Why People Should Buy Ethical Diamonds and Jewelry

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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend in many countries around the world. However, purchasing ethical diamonds is still an afterthought for some consumers. I’m hoping this article will shed more light on the industry.

The reality is that diamonds can unleash harsh conditions for certain countries that mine these beautiful gems. Work conditions there are typically unsafe and many people are ill or die after working in these mines. There have been credible reports that say some mining operators are using slave labor. Also, children are often forced to perform this arduous task. If the mine workers are paid, it is just a few coins, which is nowhere near enough to afford decent housing and food. Many individuals are becoming aware of this sad situation, and they are refusing to help these nefarious mine owners profit by purchasing diamonds.

Accountability For Diamonds

Some jewelry stores now require proof of where the diamonds come from. Stores like Brilliant Earth Jewelry are now able to offer sustainable diamonds that do not profit unsafe mine conditions, child or slave labor, or other human rights indignities. It is remarkable how many individuals are now taking their business to jewelry stores that promise exquisite jewelry designs and a clear conscious after buying their handiwork.

These environment and human rights activist jewelry stores also sell other stunning gemstones and fine metal pieces. Premium gold or silver rings and bracelets can be personally engraved or eloquently embellished with intricate carvings. Because many jewelry stores operate online, they offer lower prices off their online jewels. These jewelers don’t have high store costs, so they are able to pass savings over to their customers. Buying from jewelry businesses that offer assurance of where each gem or precious metal comes from is just one more way to be environmentally-friendly and socially ethical.

Buying Ethical Diamonds Takes Money Away From Corrupt Companies

According to this article at Huffington Post, there are $15 billion worth of revenues generated from the diamond industry that are missing. Zimbabwe produces many of the diamonds in the world today and yet their country is one of the poorest. Then there are companies like De Beers that purchase diamonds from African rebels who then use the money to fund their wars. (Although supposedly the company is trying to change their image.)

Support Companies That Are Ethical and Eco-Friendly

So many people are more aware of discouraging conditions of workers far away. They are making a bold statement when they buy diamond jewelry only from stores involved in this important cause. These consumers still have phenomenal choices in necklaces, bracelets and rings. Many pieces are from recycled jewelry. These ethically sourced precious gems and metals are pieces individuals will be proud to wear. People that deal with these jewelry shops find that the shop’s business practices are very transparent. There is no tricking the customer or saying a gem of other precious jewelry item is ethical when it is not.

The people that work for these amazing jewelry companies are enjoying their socially conscious work. Employees of companies like Brilliant Earth are excited with their work. It is not just a job. Employees know that they are having a positive impact on the jewelry trade platform.

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