Remodeling Your Bathroom To Create A Spa-Like Atmosphere

Remodeling your bathroom to create a spa-like atmosphere

What if you could turn your bathroom into an oasis that feels like you’re visiting the spa every day?

Imagine waking up, putting on a plushy robe and getting ready for work in a state of pure relaxation. Wouldn’t that change the way you approach the day? You would be much happier, and in turn feel much more beautiful.

If you are a home owner, one of biggest value-adding remodels you can do is to update your bathroom. Your home is a reflection of you, so why not create a stylish bathroom where you can have fun getting ready in the morning?

Here are some potential essentials that can help make your bathroom remodel into a spa of your dreams:

LED Vanity Mirrors

If you want the star treatment every morning as you put on your make-up and shave, you might look at putting in Hollywood Vanity mirrors that can light your face up in the morning.

The nice thing about LED vanity mirrors is that they are very bright, yet save a lot of money on electricity. If you choose the right bulb combination, you can also create different types of light just like a giant makeup mirror. One supplier, Impact Vanity, has one of the most complete inventories available online. They have managed to create many combinations with their customers because they have a great deal of experience with LED and mirror materials, only choosing quality materials that will last.

Bathroom remodel with modern bathroom designPhoto credit: Impact Vanity


Bidets are another type of bathroom fixture that can make your room feel spa-like. The idea of a bidet is to wash yourself off after you use the toilet. When you add either a stand-alone bidet or a toilet seat-mounted bidet, you add even more functionality to a toilet. A fine spray rinses you off and then a blower dries you off when you are clean.

Bidets are normally found in Europe and Japan where the concept of ‘clean’ is much stronger than it is in the united States.

Glass-Surround Shower

If you want to save space and still have features like a glass-surround shower look good for those that visit, you might consider adding a Japanese-style bath similar to a jacuzzi. This type of bath is actually much smaller, which means it saves on your hot water heating bills. If you put the tub next to your glass-surround shower, you can create a spa-like atmosphere in the space of a former bathtub area.

Shelving and baskets

Create a more organized and clutter-free bathroom with enough shelving and baskets to hold beauty products, hair products, and other necessities. Decorate the shelves with plush towels, pretty jars, or art work that inspires you.

A bathroom remodel that creates a spa-like atmosphere allows you to leave your house feeling refreshed every morning. This definitely affects your health and wellness!

Are there any other bathroom essentials you would add to this list?

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