6 of My Favorite Apps and Online Tools to Achieve Health Goals

Health and Wellness Apps

Health and wellness play an important role in your overall beauty. If you don’t feel good on the inside, how can you expect to look good on the outside?

No amount of makeup is going to cover up an unhealthy mind and body. That’s why I want to share a few of my favorite apps and online tools that have helped me maintain my overall health and wellness.

1) Insight Timer App

This is a free meditation app that contains thousands of meditations, plus it has a very large community of different groups where you can connect with other like-minded meditators. It also has a social networking function in that you can become friends with other people and follow their activities.

Insight Timer App

2) Headspace App

This is another very popular meditation app that offers a free basics pack, which is a 10 day beginner’s course (Monthly subscription is $12.99; Annual and lifetime also available.) I like it because the meditations are guided, so they help you stay focused. My mind tends to wander when I’m meditating, so guided meditations allow me to stay centered and just focus on my breathing.

Headspace App

3) YouTube

Although this isn’t technically a health or wellness app, I actually use the YouTube app on my Roku for all of my exercise routines. There are many fitness videos on Youtube and I even created a personal playlist of my favorites.

4) Fitness Blender Website

Fitness Blender has a ton of videos on YouTube, but their website has a number of free useful tools and resources to help with your fitness program including workout calendars, recipes, exercise videos and more. You can search for videos based on specific goals and training type.

Fitness Blender website

5) Gaia

I usually turn to the Gaia app for documentaries and interviews on spiritual topics, but I do use it every now and then for yoga exercise routines. They also have meditation videos as well.

6) Warby Parker Prescription Check App

I actually haven’t used this app yet because I just found out about it. I wish I had known about it before I paid $120 for my eye checkup last month! If your glasses prescription is for distance only, you can have an eye doctor assess your vision through the app. It only costs $40 if you receive a prescription. I’m definitely going to use it next year when it’s time to update my prescription. Do note, though, that this app isn’t meant to replace a comprehensive eye exam.

Eye Prescription App

What are your favorite health and wellness apps or online tools?

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