How To Change Your Hair Care This Fall

How to Change Your Hair Care This Fall

Fall can be a great time of year for lots of reasons: the beautiful color of changing leaves, the fun events like Halloween night, starting new projects or studies. It is also traditionally, in the world of fashion, the time for a fresh start – to reinvigorate your existing look or reinvent yourself completely. This is just as true for hair as it is for clothes.

The start of autumn is a great time to try something new and to think in general about how you look after your hair. To help you get started, here are our top tips on changing your hair care this fall, from trying out new styles to how to use a curling wand!

Use the change of season to try out a new look

First of all, think properly about a new look you’d like to go for. Have a look at recent magazines for inspiration, search online, and speak to friends who always seem to have great hair. You could also go in for a dedicated hair consultation with a stylist to get their advice. Professionals will be able to tell you which cuts will suit your face shape and the kind of colors to complement your skin tone.

If you don’t want a new cut, why not try a different style at home? If you have ever wondered how to use a curling wand or whether straighteners are right for you, now is the time to try it out. Fall really is the season for experimentation when it comes to style so don’t be afraid to do things you have never done before!

Here is a video on YouTube offering tips and tricks for using a curling wand…

Try out some fall hair colors

One great way to reinvent your look this fall is to try out some new shades. This could either be all over, getting a full head of hair in a different tone to your usual style, or it could be just highlights or low lights. Again, the key to getting this right is doing some research beforehand.

Think carefully about the looks that have suited you in the past and/or those that look good on celebrities or friends and you think might work well for you. Consult a stylist and use those online applications that let you upload a photo then apply different hairstyles – they are great for helping you get a sense of what a new color would actually look like in real life!

We love Mila Kunis new hairstyle!

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Make sure to stay well-conditioned, whatever you do

Finally, whatever you do to your hair this fall make sure to keep it in good condition. This’ll really enable your new look to shine through. If you suffer from dry hair make sure to use a deep conditioner regularly and always get rid of those pesky split ends.

Whatever you do with your hair this Fall, remember that it’s a season for experimentation. Go out and try as many different things as you like, it’s fun and you could end up with an exciting new look!

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