How to Curl Short Hair Step By Step

Woman curling her hair

I’ve been contemplating whether or not to cut my hair short, but don’t want to limit my options when it comes to styling it. Do you have short hair and want to try something different? Here’s a tutorial from Joana Teixeira offering one way to style short hair. Enjoy!

Curly hair never goes out of fashion. If you have naturally wavy locks there are so many styles and products to enhance your beautiful curls. Side cuts, up-dos, coloring different strands or curls. There are loads of different ways to style and enjoy well textured, voluminous curly hair.

For those of us with straight hair it is sometimes easy to get a bit jealous. While there are lots of great looks you can do with iron slicked straight hair, there is something about the natural movement and casual charm of a head of curls that often makes us want to try the look ourselves.

There are lots of ways to get your own set of wavy locks if they don’t come naturally. Head to the hair salon and get a full on perm if you fancy, or simply do it at home with a curling tong and some patience. Both approaches can end up with great results, giving you that full-bodied and naturally curly look we all long for now and again.

If you are wondering how to curl short hair however, this can sometimes feel a little more complicated. There is less space to get the curling tongs out and more potential for some very unintended consequences. No one wants to go out with their bob looking like a frizzy bee’s nest on top of their head; it’s just not a great look.

Luckily there is a way to get beautiful, natural looking curls even if you have a shoulder, jaw or even ear-length hair cut. Knowing a few tips and tricks of the trade can really transform the curling process, making it much more likely to end in beautiful, curly-haired success. So it you want to know how to curl short hair check the step by step below and give it a go.

How to curl short hair tutorial

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