OOTD Weekend Vibes: Shopping In My Closet

Relaxed weekend outfit

For the next 30 days I’ve challenged myself not to purchase a new piece of clothing.

It’s not that I’m an overspender or shopaholic. The last time I even went clothing shopping was a couple months ago when I bought a new pair of jeans that I actually really need because I got paint on two old pairs of jeans including my favorite grey skinny jeans.

I don’t like to be that person who says, “I have nothing to wear” knowing full well that there’s a closet full of clothing to wear. Tell that to someone in a third world country and see the reaction you get.

This weekend I caught myself thinking that I had nothing to wear. I had spent time on Pinterest looking at cute outfits and then clicking around the Nordstrom website doing some online window shopping. I was so tempted to buy something because of their Anniversary Sale that’s going on…

As I stood in front of my closet picking out an outfit for running errands, I realized that I have so many pieces of clothing that I haven’t worn in awhile including a cute summer top with a blue and green plaid print and a black maxi skirt that I bought at Macy’s 18 years ago. Yes, 18 years! I love it because it’s a soft material and the black has never faded. Besides that, I can dress it up or down.

The black crossbody purse by Like Dreams has been my go-to everyday purse since I bought it last summer. They have a great collection of handbags on Amazon.

Closeup of my weekend outfit

Closeup of my top

Hopefully this post will inspire you to dig deeper into your closet and put together pieces you’ve never worn together to create a “new” outfit!

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