Solutions to Nasty Summer Hair Problems

Summer hair care

Those of you who have been reading this blog for awhile now know that I prefer to use natural products for hair and skin care. Today I have this article by Abhinav Kumar Singh who offers these awesome natural hair care tips for the summer. Enjoy!

The summer season is officially here. Everyone knows that their hair will be going to take the most extreme beating during this season. Why? Because the change in the temperature and humidity, when one goes from inside to outside, can minimize the dampness of the hair to leave it dry and flaky. Frizz, dull and dry hair are some of the common traits of this weather. So, how would you battle them?

It’s the ample opportunity for you to satiate your hair with natural hair oils, which are the only sure short approach to get soft, silky and lustrous hair. Moreover, if there is any need for a hair oil treatment, then one has to pick the suitable one for the hair accordingly. Here’s a rundown of oils that serve distinctive necessities of hair. Make your choice accordingly!

Olive oilUse Olive Oil for Sensitive Hair

Olive oil is an extraordinary conditioner for hair to such an extent that one can skip the synthetic conditioners when using olive oil. Proven to be highly beneficial for sensitive hair since antiquity, this oil will neither cause any allergic reaction nor any side-effects on your hair. Since it is anti-inflammatory, lightweight and penetrates deeper into the hair, this oil is perfect for moisturizing and promoting scalp health.

Almond oil for hairUse Almond Oil In Case Of Baldness

This oil is revolutionary for individuals who experience frequent hair loss. A regular use of almond oil can help the hair grow up to 4 inches in just 3 months. Enriched with essential vitamin E, almond oil works miraculously for hair growth and nourishment. Almond oil also acts as a cleansing agent for the hair, thereby it is extensively used in aromatherapy for getting rid of the dust particles and pollutants within one wash. To get lustrous hair, use it four times in a weak.

Jojoba oilNourish Dried and Damaged Hair Using Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is ideal for treating dry, damaged, tangled and dandruff prone hair with awesome finesse, plus it completely gets absorbed by the scalp without leaving any residue. Subsequently, jojoba is a non-sticky and non-greasy oil. It has found to have the same molecular structure as sebum – the natural oil emitted by the scalp and therefore does not leave any scent. It is likewise antibacterial, advances sound scalp and hair growth.

Avocado Oil: For Flaky, Brittle and Damaged Hair

Avocado oil has progressively discovered its utilization in skin as well as hair-care regimen, all the more so for the hair. This light and smooth oil contains numerous essential nutrients such as Vitamins A, B, D, E, iron, amino acids and folic acid, all of which are beneficial for nourishment as well as hair growth. However, its greatest significance can be credited to its moisture-locking ability. It is great for deep conditioning and strengthening of the hair and adding shine to it. One can make use of it before shampooing the hair.

As of now, you have come to know about the tremendous hair benefits of the above mentioned natural essential oils. So, it’s better to use any one of them to ensure better hair health. However, it is advisable to choose only a reliable online store for buying the purest form of these oils.

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Abhinav Kumar Singh is a renowned aromatherapist and essential oil educator with 8 years of professional expertise. His passion is to help others by sharing crucial information about aromatherapy, information, usage and tips from essential oils and allied natural extracts. He has been advocating about the benefits of natural essential oils through writing and speeches to reach out thousands of persons through his blogs, articles, and speeches. Find more of his works at Allin Exporters. Apart from this, he loves traveling to new places and spending time in his backyard.

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