Simple Jewelry, Big Statements: 10 Pieces I Love Right Now

Simple Jewelry

Just like a photograph, a piece of jewelry can be worth a thousand words.

As a jewelry designer and lover of fashion accessories, I believe that it’s the little details that can make a huge difference in expressing your individual style. Your jewelry doesn’t have to be big or bold to make a statement.

This spring season I’ve been drawn to simple and delicate jewelry. One piece that has been a staple in my wardrobe is this pretty rose gold necklace with the Hamsa symbol, which means “five” and is used as a sign of protection. It’s available at

Me wearing Hamsa rose gold necklaceRose gold hamsa necklaceScroll through these other jewelry pieces that are currently on my wishlist:

What’s nice about simple jewelry is that it’s timeless – you don’t have to worry whether it’s “In” or “Out”. And if you invest in high quality pieces, they can be heirlooms to be passed down to your children or sold later on to help fund a retirement trip.

What’s your personal jewelry style? Do you like big and bold? Trendy? Or do you keep it simple?

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