Treatment For Cracked Feet: Bioesque Exfoliating Foot Peel Review

Bioesque foot peel and foot scrub

My biggest pet peeve when it comes to wearing sandals: Dry cracked feet.

It gives me chills (nails on the chalkboard chills!) just thinking about all the people that walk around in flip flops or sandals with cracked feet.

I understand if it’s a medical issue. There are many different types of treatments, and recently I tried out Bioesque’s Exfoliating Foot Peel that can help tremendously.

I’ve actually reviewed a similar product before in a post about winter skin care, which worked out really well. It’s been awhile since I’ve done a foot peel, and with sandal season right around the corner I thought it was time to do another one.

Before using this type of product, I do recommend doing it before a pedicure because the chemicals will remove the nail polish. You should also do this on a lazy, relaxing day because you will be soaking your feet for about an hour.

This is what my feet look like before I used the foot peel. My feet sweat alot, so the heels of my feet don’t typically dry out. However, they were feeling a little on the rough side.

Bottoms of feet

Heels of my feet

The Bioesque Foot Peel comes with one pair of foot peel booties and one pair of slip-free socks. I love that it comes with these super plush socks so that I could walk around the house as the product goes to work on my feet. Now I use them as night time socks.

Foot peel product with socks

Keep in mind that you may not notice anything right away. You should soak your feet every day after the treatment so the skin will start to peel off. For me, after a week the dead skin was peeling like crazy. You should also keep socks on your feet at all times during this process to resist the urge to peel your skin. Besides, it’s 1) not a good look when you have company over and 2) your significant other will look at your feet in disgust.

Just when I thought the process was over, I’d take a shower and even more skin would peel off. I should have soaked my feet every day, which is probably why it took about two weeks for all the dead skin to completely peel off.

Although you can’t really tell from the before and after pictures, the bottoms of my feet do feel significantly softer after this treatment.

After foot peel

To maintain these results, it’s recommended that you use the Bioesque Energizing Foot Scrub every two weeks.

The Bioesque Foot Peel is available on Amazon or on the Bioesque website (regular price $19.99).

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