Natural Remedies for Healthier Lifestyles

Woman lying on the couch. Photo by Benjamin Combs

It seems as if the world is becoming more dependent on pills when healing the simplest of ailments. If we get a headache, we take a pill; if we struggle to sleep, we take something to knock us out, and although medicine helps save lives and manages chronic pain, prescription drugs can sometimes lead to addiction.

If you become addicted to painkillers and prescription drugs, it is important to consider a holistic route to recovery, so your body can detox naturally and without the ingestion of other drugs. Drug rehab centers that offer ibogaine treatments and the Pouyan Method can teach you the importance of a balanced diet and how to live a lifestyle with more natural remedies as opposed to seeking remedy in pills.

Even if you are not addicted to prescription pills, natural remedies can prove fruitful. Therefore, here are a few tips on how to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Change in Diet

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is an important part of maintaining good health as well as helping you feel your best. To do this, you have to eat a wide variety of foods in the correct proportions. Consume foods low in saturated fats, plus sugars high in protein and fiber while keeping hydrated. A balanced diet can work wonders and do so much more than help maintain a healthy body weight.

For example, if you are menopausal, trade in bioidentical hormone therapy (man-made hormones) and incorporate soy into your diet. As soy contains phytoestrogens, it can act like the estrogen your body makes. The best sources of soy are tofu, soy milk and soy nuts.

Support Your Mental Health

Although a person’s physical health is important, it can be argued that a person’s mental health is more crucial when leading a healthier and happier life. Better mental health leads to a stronger connection between the mind and body, and if your mind is well, then your self-esteem, self-worth, confidence and overall happiness are increased. However, if our mental health is suffering, it can cause damage to our bodies. We lack the drive to exercise, ignore our appetite and weaken our immune system.

Depression is on the rise and more people are taking antidepressants. Although medication is crucial for some, there are other ways to help cope with depression and other mental illnesses. I’m a big proponent of meditation, and ever since I began incorporating meditation into my morning routine, overall I’ve become happier and less-stressed.

You could also consider a change in diet where you eat whole grains, fruits, vegetables and legumes; exercise to boost endorphins or attend regular therapy can all prove a natural way when tackling mental and emotional stresses.

If for some reason you feel that medication is needed, always talk to your doctor before any form of medication is prescribed. Sometimes prescription pills can be used hand-in-hand with natural remedies.

Choose Organic

Whether you know it or not, your body is exposed to thousands of toxins every day. Therefore, it is crucial to reduce your exposure to such toxins by changing foods and products.

Make sure to choose organic foods which are free from pesticides and have not been genetically modified. Do not purchase any canned food even if organic, and eat seasonal produce. Additionally, use safe, eco-friendly household products and add plants to your home to improve air quality.

When you make a conscious effort to live a healthier lifestyle and take care of your mental health, your body and mind and will thank you for it. As someone who has dealt with depression before, I completely know that it does take time to overcome mental health issues. Just know that you are not alone and you CAN get through it.

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