Your Love and Beauty Guide For Valentine’s Day and Beyond

Heart drawn out of lipstick

I tend to shy away from Valentine’s Day related posts although I have done a few in the past. I believe that every day should be celebrated with love and that we shouldn’t reserve just one day to show love to others…or yourself.

I do want to share all the different ways that you can show love not just on February 14th, but every day of the year. With all the turmoil that is going on the U.S. right now, it’s time to take a break and simply focus on what is truly important: Love.

Show Love to Yourself

Love yourself. It is important to stay positive because beauty comes from the inside out. –Jenn Proske

When you love yourself, you experience more peace and joy within. I’ve shared ways to love yourself in a past post…and here are 10 more tips I wrote last year.

I should add that self care is also important. Take yourself out on a date, treat yourself to a spa day, or get your hair done. Better yet, try something completely different with your hair. I’ve always wanted to try wavy clip-in extensions or a pony tail. Hairdo has different products that can take your look from blah to wow with minimal effort.

Simply Straight PonyHairdo Simply Straight Pony {Available at Ulta and}

Wavy ExtensionHairdo Wavy Clip-In Extension {Available at Ulta and}

Symbols of Love

If you are going to exchange gifts with your significant other on Valentine’s Day, in my opinion jewelry is one of the best gifts. Flowers, candy, and teddy bears are fine, but jewelry lasts a lifetime and can be passed down to future generations.

I have this infinity bracelet by Onecklace that has two heart charms with mine and Cory’s initials on them. It’s made of sterling silver, but available in 24K gold plate as well. I love that Onecklace has so many different types of custom jewelry. You may recall the “Jedi” necklace I got a few years ago.

Sterling silver infinity bracelet with charms

Of course there are other types of material items you could give to symbolize love such as art, photographs, books, a handwritten poem, etc.

Show Love to Others

More love is needed in the world right now. I encourage you to consider some of these ways of showing love to others and just be more mindful of other people’s needs. I truly believe that what you give comes back to you tenfold.

  • Give more hugs.
  • Smile and say, “Hi” – We need so much more of this.
  • Compliment or acknowledge something positive about someone.
  • Be compassionate and empathetic towards others you would consider “different” or “weird”.
  • Be a source of encouragement.
  • Listen more.

Are you celebrating Valentine’s Day this year? What ways will you show love to yourself and others?

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