Stylish Home, Stylish You

Desk style

It’s interesting how your environment can affect how you feel. I reorganized my desk area the other day and it feels great to get rid of all that clutter. I definitely felt a shift in my energy and even my mind feels more focused!

My personal style and home decor has always been a mix of colorful, natural, boho, and eclectic. However, I do like black and white interiors, too. My desk reflects all these styles in one.

I love my new San Diego poster from Modern Map Art. I had to get it in black and white to complement my black desk and white vintage milk glass pieces.

Desk accessories

Desk decor

Inspiration on my desk

I’m always browsing Instagram looking for stylish home decor. Here are a few photos that reflect my style…

Today I was in a black and white mood, thus my outfit of the day…

Black and white outfit

This was the first time I wore a dress in awhile, but it was actually warm today. And to make this look even more comfortable and stylish, I wore my new black and white Converse.

Black and white converse

Does your home decor style match your fashion? Where do you find inspiration for your personal style?

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