What I Packed For My Fall Florida Getaway

South Beach, Miami

Earlier this month I went on vacation to Florida, which is not too much of a change for someone like me who already in lives in a paradise city like San Diego. But a vacation is a vacation and it was so nice to just relax, meet new people, and be somewhere new.

I know that many people love to get away to warmer weather – especially if you live in the North East region of the U.S. or in Europe. I did hear alot of European accents while walking around Miami.

The weather in Orlando and Miami was actually a little cooler than San Diego, which was somewhat surprising to me. I thought it would be a little more humid. The last time I was in Miami was about five years ago during the month of June, so I somehow assumed the weather would be the same as before.

If you’re thinking about a Florida getaway during the fall, perhaps this list will help you put together your own packing list. Keep in mind that this list is for a one week vacation. You’ll have to make adjustments according to how long your getaway is.

1. Two pairs of shorts
2. One pair of pants
3. Two sundresses
4. One maxi skirt
5. Two romper shorts (One casual and one semi-dressy for an evening out)
6. Jumper that can be dressed up or down
7. Two blouses and a tank top
8. Workout clothes (Yes, I still exercise during vacation!)
9. Two bathing suits
10. Bathing suit cover
11. Light sweater (For those cooler nights)
12. Beach towel and beach bag
13. Straw hat
14. Small cross-body bag and backpack bag
15. Flip-flops
16. Sandals
17. One pair of heels
18. One pair of sneakers
19. Jewelry

I guess you could say that I’m a minimalist when it comes to packing clothes for vacation. I’m not the type of person who needs a ton of fashion options. I love to pack rompers, jumpsuits, or dresses so I don’t have to think too much about mixing and matching.

Comfortable Florida outfit

At the JW Marriott in Orlando

Ocean Drive Miami

Hanging out on Ocean Drive in South Beach

When I went to the Philippines a couple years ago, all I had was a carry on for my 10 day trip. I ended up hand washing a few pieces of clothing, but that wasn’t a big deal. The only reason I packed more for this trip to Florida because I attended a conference and had to change at night for the mixers/parties.

Have you been to Florida during the fall? Are there any items you would add to this list?

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