Shining From Within: How I Attracted Diamond Jewelry Into My Life

In all my years of shopping, I’ve never actually purchased a piece of diamond jewelry.

And yet, I’ve somehow amassed a collection of shiny jewelry.

It’s interesting because I don’t really have a jewelry style, per se, because I love all types of jewelry. When I do shop for accessories, though, I tend to go for pieces that are somewhat trendy, simple, or whimsical.

I was organizing my jewelry the other day, and as I laid out my rings, I noticed just how much bling I have. Then I thought about how I acquired each piece and realized that all of them were gifted to me.

The diamond tennis bracelet? A gift from my best friend on Mother’s Day (I’m not a mother, but I’m the god-mother to her 3 daughters.) All those shiny rings? Most of them came from my fiance. Then there are pieces here and there that I received from jewelry companies to review.


The latest piece I received is this gorgeous triple stone ring from Anjolee, a company that specializes in gemstone and diamond jewelry. Every single piece is made to order according to preference of metal type, diamond size, diamond/gemstone quality, and length/size. The ring pictured here is a silver and cubic zirconia replica of the 10-prong triple stone diamond ring.

I usually wear more about 2-3 rings, and with this ring from Anjolee I like to wear a simpler ring that doesn’t take away from the beauty

How did I attract all this jewelry? Well, actually some of the pieces are cubic zirconia and Swarovski crystals, but it’s all shiny bling to me.

I like to think of my life as a series of synchronicities, attraction in action, and metaphors. As a spiritual person who believes in the Law of Attraction, I start to reflect on how someone like me who doesn’t actively shop for or buy diamond jewelry attract so much of it?

Then I thought about a vision board I created awhile back. For some reason I had put up a picture of a diamond ring on it. I think at the time I viewed diamond jewelry as a symbol of wealth and abundance, which I wanted to attract more into my life. I also think that perhaps all this shiny jewelry in my life is a reflection of my inner beauty. As I continue to grow and flourish, these jewelry pieces serve as a reminder to shine from within. 

Or perhaps it’s simply because I love jewelry and write so much about how accessories can make or break your outfit. As they say in the Law of Attraction, whatever you focus on becomes part of your reality! Because I’m not so desperate to have all this shiny jewelry, it just seems to effortlessly flow into my life. “Let go and let it flow” is a mantra I live by.

Now I just have to use the same process to attract some Jimmy Choo handbags into my life…

Whatever the reason for all this abundance, I’m truly grateful for it all.

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