Avoid Late Night Eating with These Tips

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When my friend was going through her nursing program in college she went through late night study and work sessions on a fairly regular basis. Unfortunately, what often accompanied those sessions was a whole lot of late night snacking. This snacking led up to extra calories and weight, which left her feeling restless and unable to sleep well. Ever since then she’s had trouble losing weight.

As a night owl myself, I tend to have the late-night munchies. Resisting those late night snack urges can be rather tricky, which is exactly why I’ve put together these handy tips.

Plan Your Eating Through the Day

A good way to stop those snack urges from even happening is to better plan your day as far as eating goes. Experts recommend eating every two to three hours. No, I’m not talking about a large meal each time – just something that provides you with the fuel and satisfaction you need. By doing this you will providing your body with the energy it needs to get through the day, so by the evening you should be pretty full and satisfied.

Turn to Exercise Instead

School, work, taking care of the kids, and just everyday life can cause a great deal of stress. If you are the type that eats when you feel stressed, then it can make for a pretty bad combination. Instead of reaching for a snack when that stress hits, turn to exercise. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised at just how easy it is to resist the urge to snack once you start exercising. Let exercise be the cure, not food!

Keep in mind this doesn’t mean you have to go to the gym or hit the trails, it could be something as simple as doing some yoga in your room.

Learn What Your Triggers Are

Most of us have triggers that can be set off leading us to reach for that snack. If you can spend time thinking about your triggers and identify what you are, then you can do your best to avoid them. The idea is that if you don’t set off the trigger, you won’t feel the urge to snack.

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Enjoy Your Meal/Snack When You Do Eat

All too often we rush through our meals and snacks without actually taking the time to enjoy them and taste them. It is recommended that when you do eat that you do so in a way that allows you to focus on and appreciate the food you are eating. This means sitting at the table without distractions. It’s about being present in the moment.

Stock Only Healthy Snack Foods

There will be those times where you just can’t resist the urge to snack, so it’s best to think ahead and ensure you’ve got a variety of healthy snack items on hand. At least this way you will be picking something that offers nutrition rather than empty calories.

Taking control of your urge to snack is easier said than done and you may find yourself using more than just one of these tips. Go easy on yourself though and over time it will become more and more natural that the late night snacks are skipped all together.

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