How to Be Effortlessly Chic When You’re Not in a Stylish Mood

Halston grey handbag

The other day we had a gloomy, grey day in San Diego. I wasn’t really in the mood to put much thought into my outfit because all I was just going to walk across the street to Starbucks and write all day.

However, I still have some advice in the back of my mind from a wise mentor during my time as a realtor…

Always look your best because you never know who you might meet.

My mentor was referring to potential clients or business partners. I still heed that advice to this day. Of course I’m not always going to dress up or look my absolute best, but I can put a teeny tad bit of effort into how I look.

Today was no exception. Although I had a headache, the sky was grey (normally I like this type of weather), and I was in a wonky mood, I went with my tried-and-true style essentials to create an effortlessly chic outfit: Fashion accessories.

Accessories can turn anything into a cohesive ensemble and make that boring outfit a super stylish outfit.

The trick with accessories is to wear statement pieces that detract from your ho-hum outfit. Today I went with a gemstone ring my friend gave me that I always get compliments on (pictured above). The overcast grey day inspired me to pull out my grey Halston backpack. Although it is a minimalistic design, it’s the color that draws attention, plus the pebbled leather lends itself to a timeless and sophisticated look.

Yes, you CAN wear sweats
Remember that show “What Not to Wear” with Stacy London and Clinton Kelly? People would tell them about a friend or family member who needed a makeover, so they would sneak around following these women who were dressed unattractively. Oftentimes the women who needed this makeover lived in sweats and t-shirts. But where they failed is that their shoes were not stylish at all and their hair was simply a hot mess.

Way before “athleisure” became a trend, I was rockin’ stylish sweats and t-shirts because I just loved the idea of being comfortable. If you’re going to wear sweats, I believe it’s important to wear stylish sneakers and a hat, beanie, or headband to finish the look – especially if you’re feeling a little lazy and don’t feel like doing your hair that day.

Here’s a perfect example of looking cute in sweats from a Kohl’s catalog that I received in the mail…

Athleisure style via the Kohl's catalog

Want more inspiration? Browse through these pictures and shop for fashion accessories that will add instant style to any t-shirt and sweats/jeans day…

Also, remember that it’s all about confidence when wearing any outfit. If you believe that you look cute and stylish, that energy will exude outward!

Confidence is always in style quote

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