Eyebrow Tips: Use a Stencil to Create the Perfect Shape

Eyebrow tips

Lately it seems like ‘on fleek’ eyebrows are the latest trend. Nowadays a makeup look isn’t truly complete without perfectly shaped, face-framing brows. However for some of us, creating this masterpiece isn’t so easy.

We’ve all heard the phrase “eyebrows are sisters not twins,” but often times my eyebrows end up looking more like distant cousins. So I went on the hunt for the ultimate eyebrow hack. Then I discovered eyebrow stencils! They’re the perfect cheat for those of us who can’t quite achieve elusive well-shaped brows. Keep reading to learn how to shape and fill-in brows with a stencil…

Step 1: Brush through your eyebrow hairs with a comb.

Step 2: Line the eyebrow stencil up with your eyebrow (Make sure that the arch in the stencil lines up with the arch in your brow)

PRO TIP – Your eyebrows should begin on a line perpendicular to the inner eye corner.

Step 3: Hold the stencil in place with your non-dominant hand & using a standard brow brush, fill the stencil in with eyebrow powder.

Step 4: Use an angled brush to fill in any patches & make your brows look even (make sure to use short, quick strokes for the most natural-looking result).

Step 5: Brush the hairs with a spooly to complete your look!

Make sure to pick a stencil that is as close to your existing brow shape as possible.

I just discovered this eyebrow stencils kit from the brand Cardani, which I like because they’re reusable. Plus, they also offer a wide range of colors and a variety of stencils. If you want more tips on how to fill in your eyebrows, check out this great guide over at Headcovers.com.

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  1. I need a stencil for my eyebrows, because I am lacking in that area. I want to create nice looking and effortless eyebrows.

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