Beauty Essentials: Why Did I Deprive Myself of This Product For So Many Years?

Angel Shave Club

Ok, technically I have used this product, but not at this advanced level.

I used to see all those razor commercials for men where touted all the benefits of 3-blade razors. I used to think, What’s the big deal about 3 blades? What can 3 blades do that 1 or 2 blades can’t?

I continued on using my 2-blade razors that I usually buy at Big Lots because I could get a 6-pack for around $2-3. Most of the time I would go a few weeks before changing razors. That’s how unimportant razors and shaving were to me.

Until now.

I never thought I’d be blogging about this topic, but here I am. Trying out the 5-blade razors from Angel Shave Club has officially made me a convert. I will never go back to a 2-blade razor ever again. I don’t even have to buy shaving cream, which is good because I’ve never actually owned a bottle of shaving cream. Me and dry shaving have been friends for a long time.

Angel Shave Club just launched this year, which is the first of its kind. There’s the Dollar Shave Club that has been around for awhile, but what makes Angel Shave Club different is that it’s designed for women. I also love that a portion of the sales go to the Malala Fund, an organization that gives girls the gift of education.

When you sign up for a subscription with Angel Shave Club, you have the option of 3-blade ($6 per month) or 5-blade razors ($9 per month). I received a sample of the 5-blade razors in a pretty pink box and one handle in the “La La Love Pink” color. You also have the choice of “California Kiss Blue” when you choose a shave plan.

My armpits feel like a baby’s bum after shaving with these razors! Now I just have to remind myself to change out the razor after every 3-4 uses.

Armed with new-found appreciation for this beauty essential, I decided that I would take shaving more seriously. I looked on YouTube for shaving tips and came across this video…

Do you have any shaving tips to share?

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