MAC Cosmetics + Star Trek + Comic Con = Fun

#MACStarTrek Exhibit at Comic Con San Diego

This past weekend thousands of geeks made the yearly pilgrimage to Comic Con San Diego. As for me, it was more like a hop, skip, and a jump (or a short Uber ride) to downtown.

Most years my friends and I head to the Gaslamp Quarter to have a few drinks and stroll around to take in all the festivities outside of the convention center, and although I wasn’t really planning to partake in the geeky celebrations this year, an invite to check out the MAC Cosmetics/Star Trek exhibit changed all of that.

MAC Cosmetics at Comic Con

Despite the crowds, this exhibit wasn’t hard to miss. I could hear the music two blocks away, and as I got closer, I noticed the amtospheric smoke and Star Trek-y vibe. All the makeup artists were wearing Star Trek costumes, and after a short wait in line I was able to check out MAC’s latest makeup collection…

MAC Cosmetics Star Trek Collection

I was experiencing major sensory overload with the loud music, 90+ degree heat, what seemed like a million people in Star Trek costumes, and the crowd in general (Gosh, I sound like an old lady!), so I didn’t stay long enough to play around with the makeup. However, I was able to quickly try on the “Strange New Worlds” pressed powder that I really liked.

Afterwards I had Scotty beam me up…


MAC’s Star Trek collection officially launches on September 1st at makeup counters and the MAC website.

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