Inner Beauty Inspiration From Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson

At the nail salon this past weekend I came across this quote from Kate Hudson in the May issue of InStyle Magazine and shared it on Facebook.

It’s my sincere hope that more people would put their mental health as a priority over buying the “latest and greatest”. Beauty does not equal happiness. All the makeup in the world and cutest outfits will not cover up a bitchy, hateful attitude. And believe it or not, most people are good at picking up on bad vibes before a word is even spoken.

Yes, mental health is part of your inner beauty. And if we as a society could just focus on that, then many of the world’s problems would go away.

When you’re happy, you’re less likely to be so critical of yourself and other people.

When you’re happy, you’re more generous and loving.

When you’re happy, you want other people to be happy.

I personally know that being unhappy is not fun. In another life I was in an abusive relationship and was so obsessed with looking good, but deep down inside I was miserable. Thoughts of suicide even crossed my mind.

What I realize now is that you always have a choice. Choose happiness or choose unhappiness. Other people or circumstances in your life don’t make you unhappy. You always have the power to choose how you react to the people and events that happen to you. Yes, it’s easier said than done, but making a commitment to yourself and taking care of your mental is the first step. It does take a great deal of focus.

It’s a lifelong practice that will be so worth it when you wake up every morning filled with gratitude, love, and peace. And when you can master these 3 things, you will feel true beauty and you will be truly beautiful.

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