5 Summer Fashion Trends to Adopt ASAP

Summer fashion 2016If the scorching weather is any indicator, it’s safe to say that summer has finally arrived. Many of us have all kinds of fun travel plans penned on our calendars, and kids (and teachers) everywhere are rejoicing because school’s out for the summer! With the endless possibilities of things to do this season, it’s almost a crime not to have the fabulous wardrobe to match.

After all, what’s an Instagram post in an exotic location without swoon-worthy style? Only half the greatness it could be, of course. With that being said, I decided to round up five of my favorite fashion trends for this summer. These look are must-haves if you want to celebrate the season in style, so without further ado, here’s what I’ve picked out for you!

1. Bare shoulders

This one should be a no-brainer by now—so if you’re still waiting for the perfect moment to invest in an off-the-shoulder top or dress, don’t waste another second! The time is now. If you’re not sure how to style the design, there’s an article with celebrity examples to help you accessorize and match bottoms to your look.

2. Embroidered dresses

Take Spanish flair and folky details and stitch them together into one fun frock, and you’ve got your summer wardrobe staple. Embroidered dresses (and tops) that are flowy and very easy-to-wear are the ultimate sign of a stylista. For your fix, I found a site that compiles curated looks for you to sift through and compare.

3. Summer white

It goes without saying that white will always be a go-to hue for summertime, but this season, the color is really in the spotlight. Wear all-white for chic and clean ensemble that will have you feeling breezy. To save a little money, get creative and see which white pieces you already own can be paired together. You’ll be surprised at the great looks you can create when you just start trying things on.

4. Ruffles

This summer, feminine looks are all the rage. Frills and ruffles are quintessential for flirty style in the hottest season. Quite honestly, you can probably find a piece that combines the off-the-shoulder, embroidered, and the ruffled trends all into one. Here’s a guide that gives some styling advice to make the ruffled trend more romantic and less little girl.

5. Lace-up shoes

Whether you’re fan of flats or won’t dare to be seen in anything other than a pair of sky-high heels, one thing is common ground with these two types of footwear this season: the laces! Tying your shoes has a whole new meaning with the lace-up trend taking the shoe scene by storm this summer. You can pick a modest pair that ties around your ankles, or you can go full gladiator and get bold shoes that lace up all the way to your knees.

Out of these five trends, which one are you most likely to wear? Is there one you’re already on board with?

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