Do Selfies Really Mean Self-Love?

Woman in the mirror

I came across a thought-provoking post by @DoTheHotPants on Instagram where she says:

I will forever defend anyone taking selfies.

Society teaches us to hate our looks. So the second someone shows themselves love by making silly or sexy faces on their phone, they’re shamed and made fun of by onlookers.

We need to stop making fun of selfie culture!

Young girls and boys are not vain!

They are just trying to love themselves in a world that doesn’t want them to…

I must admit that I have been one of those people who have made fun of and judged other people who take selfies. I do it mainly when I notice that someone’s Instagram account is just full of selfies. I mean, every other picture is a selfie.

Selfies are a form of self-love. I get the whole idea of loving yourself and being confident enough to take pictures of yourself. Of all people, I completely understand that. BUT there comes a point when it becomes self-absorption and all you care about is how you look. Then you become attached to your outer appearance as opposed to focusing on within and how you can become a better person. You may also become obsessed with validation from others. The more likes you get on a selfie posted on Instagram, the better you feel about yourself.

“Moderation in everything” is one of my life philosophies, and it applies to selfies too. If you want to take selfies, go right ahead! Show off your confidence and self-love, but do it in moderation.

Every person has their reasons for posting a selfie. I don’t post alot of selfies, but when I do it’s to show a particular outfit of the day or maybe to highlight a specific beauty look. Other people I know post selfies after they’ve worked out because they want to inspire others to get fit and exercise, plus it’s a way of tracking their own progress. On the other hand, I know a couple people who post selfies because they want validation from others. They’re not getting enough attention at home or in real life, so they look to the virtual world for “likes”.

What do you think? Are selfies really self-love or do they symbolize the proliferation of narcissism in our culture?

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