How to Turn That Boring Outfit Into a Super Stylish Outfit

Accessorizing with stylish beaded bracelets

There are days when I just want to wear a plain shirt and jeans, but the fashionista in me won’t let it stop there. I must accessorize.

Accessorizing is a must in my book, and it’s a great way to take any old mundane outfit and make it super stylish. Rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces – I wear it all. Throw on a hat and you just went from looking just OK to sassy chic.

From my experience it’s the accessories I wear that seem to stand out. I get the most compliments on my butterfly ring or my big floppy hat. In my opinion, there’s something about accessories that say more about your individual style than anything else you wear.

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My everyday outfits are probably ho-hum by other fashion bloggers’ standards. I work from home most days, so I generally roll out of bed and throw on something very comfortable – usually it’s a pair of leggings with a sweatshirt or my favorite Adidas sweats with a t-shirt. Then there are days when I need to run around and do errands, so I’ll resort to a pair of jeans and a top I don’t need to iron, which is the outfit picture below.

On occasion I will go with bold and chunky accessories, but on most days I’ll keep it fairly simple. I love these beaded bracelets I got from Joseph Nagucci. As someone who loves natural and semiprecious gemstone beads, these bracelets are just my style.

Joseph Nogucci bracelets

Closeup of Joseph Nogucci beaded bracelets

What are your favorite accessories to wear? How do you turn a simple outfit into something more stylish?

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