The Perfect Gift For All Jewelry Lovers

This weekend was pretty relaxing – put on my favorite super comfy jumpsuit by DKNY and took myself out on a lunch date because I needed a reason to get out and wear the new jewelry that just arrived in the mail from Rocksbox.

This month my focus is on taking better care of myself and being kind to myself, so treating myself to a yummy lunch of lobster ravioli was much needed after a long week of writing and client work. I also started a 30-day challenge to exercise 15 minutes each day and get back into a habit of meditating every morning.

How have you been treating yourself lately?

There are many ways to take care of yourself like spending time by yourself cuddled up on the couch with a juicy novel or going for a nice walk in the park. And if you love jewelry just as much as I do, why not treat yourself to a subscription from Rocksbox?

Rocksbox offers unlimited access to designer jewelry for $19 a month. You receive three pieces at a time, and whenever you’re ready for new jewelry, just swap out your set for another one. Like other fashion-related subscription companies, you answer a few questions about your style and they send you pieces based on your answers. You can also add jewelry to a Wish List and buy any of the items at the “Insiders’ Price”. Every month you get $10 Shine Spend towards a purchase.

The personal note from one of the stylists, Lisa, made me feel special 🙂

I had added this grey and silver wrap bracelet from Nakamol to my wish list, so Lisa sent a House of Harlow pendant necklace and Sophie Harper studs along with it.

This is the perfect gift for someone like me who has a tendency to wear a jewelry piece a few times and then forget about it…although I do love these Sophie Harper studs and would probably wear them forever.

Find out more about Rocksbox:

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