The Best Time to Shop For Fashion Bargains

My Burlington/Urban Outfitters Haul

As some of you long-time readers know, I am all about bargain hunting. I’ll pay full retail for the things that I really, really love, but otherwise you’ll find me scouring the sales racks for great deals.

I used to buy things because they were on sale and I would end up just wearing it a few times then forget about it. Now I’m pretty selective. Even though something might be a good deal, if I don’t really need it (like black shirts or black dresses) or I don’t think I’ll wear it that often, then it goes back on the sales rack.

This past month I’ve been on a serious shopping spree because in the retail world it’s considered end-of-summer and they want to make room for all the new fall clothing, so that means all those spring and summer clothes are now on the clearance racks. I was even able to find a couple pieces that I could wear during the fall as well!

And can you believe I spent less than $100?!? (Before tax)

Here’s what I bought:

  • Cardigan and sweatshirt at Zara: $25.98
  • Shorts at Free People: $19.95 (You can also buy them online here.)
  • Top at Urban Outfitters: $9.99
  • Jumpsuit, dress, and skirt at Burlington: $31.97

I’m especially excited about the shorts at Free People, the Max Studio dress (originally $128), and the Splendid jumpsuit (originally $188). I’ve been looking for a cute jumpsuit for awhile and I found one for only $6.99. There were so many clearance racks in Burlington, but somehow I managed to stay focused!

Just about every store I’ve been in has a clearance sale on spring and summer clothing, so this is definitely the time to go shopping. What are your favorite stores to shop to find bargains on clothing?

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