Rikashadz Nail Polish Review

Rikashadz nail polish

Not long ago I talked about a new nail polish line called Rikashadz that I was pretty excited about it because I haven’t seen anything like it.

Rikashadz has a color called “Miami Tan Lines”, which looks really pretty and is perfect as a subtle chic polish for summer…or any season for that matter. I’ve been having this thing for the color nude lately. I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of nice strappy heels in a nude color, so wouldn’t it be cute with a nail polish in nude?

I also tried out Rikashadz’s “Bottom To Top” – basically a conditioning base coat and top coat that is essential to ensuring your nails stay healthy, plus allows the polish to stay on longer and look super shiny. I love the little details like the tiny flowers that were included in the top coat.

Rikashadz Miami Tan Lines nail polish

As with all the Rikashadz polish, you get the regular color and a glitter or shimmer version that complements it. Although I don’t use glitter polish all that often because it’s such a pain to take off, I won’t have that issue anymore because Rikashadz has this Wipe Off Water that easily takes off the shimmer nail polish. I like to call these the magic pom pom balls. Excuse my valley girl excitement, but this nail polish remover is totally Ah-mazing!

Wipe Off Water nail polish remover

And speaking of amazing, each set comes with magnets on the back so you can mount them to a metal surface. Rikashadz does offer a hanging wall mount that makes for a pretty display on a wall. If you really want to go all out, you could get the Totally Magnetizing four sided display that features a LED display with a remote.

Hanging wall mount for nail polish

You can tell that alot of thought went into making this nail polish brand stand out from the others, plus the pricing is reasonable. Each pair of polishes is $20, but remember that you are getting two bottles in one.

For more information about Rikashadz, visit: rikashadz.com

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