Getting Back To Your Beautiful, Authentic Self: Lessons From Cait Jenner

Quote by Caitlyn Jenner

Watching Bruce Jenner make the transition to Cait Jenner has been fascinating and eye-opening, to say the least.

Being transgender in American society is not particularly new, but because of Cait’s ties to the Kardashian family, of course all eyes are on her, which has put the trans community in the spotlight. I see this as a good thing.

I completely support Cait and what she is doing to become more in tune with her soul and true self. Can you believe how difficult it must have been to deny who you are for so many years? I’ve actually been there myself, but not in the same context or to the extent that Cait has done. In many ways, people often deny who they are by trying to fit into a certain clique and wanting to be someone they are not, acting in ways that are detrimental to their spirits and souls. I see this alot in high schoolers who become attached to labels and wanting to become part of the “in” crowd. Actually, many adults do this too.

But now Cait Jenner is “free” because she no longer has to hide who she truly is.

In what ways are you hiding who you truly are?

From watching reality TV shows and all the drama that is portrayed in these shows, I’ve observed many women who hide behind these personas of being “bad *ss **tches”, putting up a wall around their authentic self because of this fear of being betrayed or taken advantage of. Many of us watching these shows are quick to judge these women, but all I see are gentle and very hurt souls. And they’re so hurt because they can’t be who they truly are at all times. They’ve built up a wall so high around their hearts thinking this will protect them from being hurt, but all they are doing is hurting themselves.

Deep down inside we all want the same thing. We just want to be happy and to be able to be our true, authentic selves. For me this means being able to live how we want, love who we want, be who we are, and pursue the life we want. The challenge with that is we often fear what other people will think about us, and so we we end up trying to please everyone else except ourselves. We lose ourselves in this idea of what people want us to be, which is what Cait did for so many years. The fear was probably more amplified for Cait because she is famous with so many people tied to this idea of who Bruce Jenner should be.

I was watching Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday with Caroline Myss who said something to the effect of “the biggest betrayal you can make is the one you make to yourself”. This was an “aha” moment for me because I think about how I betrayed myself in the past when I stayed in relationships that did not serve me anymore. Many people betray themselves when they continue in a job that they hate or try to be someone they are not. Another form of betrayal is when we continue to allow other people to physically or emotionally abuse us.

When you begin to reacquaint with your true self, you’ll begin to feel this huge weight being lifted from your soul, which is what we’re witnessing with Cait. For many years I saw grumpy Bruce Jenner getting lost in the background. Watching Bruce blossom into Cait, you see this exuberance and happiness that wasn’t there before.

Getting back to your authentic self

So how do you make contact with your inner self? I like this advice that Deepak Chopra offers in an article titled How to Love Yourself Unconditionally:

This implies paying more attention to self-care. Through meditation, self-reflection or contemplation, and the experience of quiet at least a few minutes every day, you make contact with your inner world. You learn to appreciate and enjoy it.

For me, this process of becoming in tune with my authentic self did not happen overnight. It’s actually an ongoing journey. I spend a great deal of time with myself to reflect on life and discover the little lessons that can be taken from each situation. I’ve spent less time thinking about or judging other people and more time listening to or watching uplifting talks from inspirational people who keep me grounded.

It’ll be interesting to see Cait Jenner go on her own journey. I know that there are many lessons to be learned about our own lives as we find out more about her life.

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