Adding Spice to the Beauty Routine

A new hair color

Well, I finally did it. Decided to take my advice about trying something new and shaking things up in the beauty routine, so I took the plunge and colored my hair! This is definitely out of my comfort zone – as you long-time readers have seen me in my natural color except for the ombre I had done a few years ago. (I forgot that I had it chopped off too!)

But this…this is “out there” for me.

I was a little familiar with the process because I did have blonde highlights back in the 90’s. Black hair is especially challenging because the color has to be pulled out before the new color can be added. Seeing myself as a semi-blonde for a few minutes was interesting….

The process of coloring black hair

I feel like a new woman! Hopefully this will inspire some of you to get out of your comfort zone and try something new – whether it’s a new hairstyle or a new fashion style. Now that I’ve changed my hair color I now want to try other colors in the future. Could you see me as a blonde? Perhaps. Not sure why I waited so long. It’s just hair, right?!?

Desirae over at Craft Salon did such an amazing job. If you’re in the San Diego area and looking for a new hair stylist, then I absolutely recommend contacting her. Here’s her Instagram page for hair inspiration.

Now it’s time for a new outfit and a date night 🙂

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