The 3 Biggest Reasons Why You Should Invest in Luxury Fashion

ESCADA Blush Jacket
Love this!

In a world full of fast fashion it’s nice to have a closet full of clothes or be trendy and cute, however, purchasing high-end quality clothing every once in awhile is not only smart, but it might even give you a confidence boost. Here are 3 reasons why it makes sense to make the investment in luxury fashion:

Quality designer clothing lasts a long time. 
Think about it. That $30 dress may only get worn about a few dozen times before it starts to look ragged. Granted, it’s possible that same dress can last for many years, but for the most part cheap clothing ends up being given away or thrown away.

One item of clothing I believe is worth investing in is a blazer or jacket. A well-made jacket adds polish to any outfit. Fashion works in cycles, so that jacket will come back around to be in style again every 10-15 years. Then it will be cool and chic to wear because it will now be considered “vintage”.

Browsing through the ESCADA website, I came across the pink and black jacket pictured above ($1,595) that I absolutely love. It’s a classic piece that actually never goes out of style. Check out more luxury clothing by ESCADA.

Luxury fashion can grow in value over time. 
Just like classic cars rise in value, the price of quality designer clothing can also go up, especially if it’s a brand that has been around for many years. If taken care of properly, a $500 sweater can double in price when it becomes all the rage in 15-20 years or so. By then it might be worth just holding onto and rockin’ it again!

Luxury clothing feels good. 
There’s something about wearing designer fashion that just feels oh, so nice. Of course, feeling good should be the baseline every single day because taking care of the mind and body is a must, but putting on a quality piece of clothing does add a sense of luxuriousness to the day.

A splurge is well deserved, but when investing in designer clothing, put some thought into it and only buy pieces that you absolutely love.

What types of clothing are worth investing in? What’s the most you spent on a piece of clothing?

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