Review: Cadiveu Professional Detox Hair System

Hair Issues

The biggest issues I’ve had with my hair over the years are dry, flaky scalp and oily hair – mostly oily near the scalp. What I learned recently is that when your scalp dries out, it overproduces oil to compensate.

Even just one day after shampooing my hair the scalp gets greasy, which makes me want to wash my hair again although I know it’s a big no-no. I’ve used a dry shampoo to help soak up some of the oil, but most of the time I lose that volume and my hair just looks limp.

What I realized is that my hair and scalp has been in desperate need of a detox. Just like we detox our bodies, the hair and scalp needs to be rid of harsh chemicals as well. I read about this six-week detox program in which you go without washing your hair for 6 weeks. That just seems like an awfully long time for me! Lately I’ve been trying out Cadiveu Professional’s Detox hair system that is supposed to help with detoxifying and removing impurities.

Cadiveu is a brand from Brazil that uses natural ingredients and green technologies in the various hair care products they offer. I received the Detox Green Juice, Detox Multi-Nutrients, Detox Shampoo, and Detox Conditioner to review. Ingredients such as chlorophyll, jambu extract, amino acid complex, essential nutrients, and methionine are included in the hair system.

As some of you long-time readers know, I’m not into multi-step beauty treatments. I like my beauty regimen to be simple. However, at this point I’m ready to try anything if it will help ease the headache of dealing with a flaky and oily scalp.

Cadiveu Professional Detox Hair System

My first step of this hair detox was to apply the Detox Green Juice throughout the air, which is supposed to detoxify the scalp, eliminate flaking and oil excess. It looks like tiny specks of kale or spinach mixed up in a clear serum.

Step 2 was to apply the Detox Multi-Nutrients to the scalp and massage it in. It has a pointed tip for easy application. I let it set in for about 10 minutes.

Step 3 was to shampoo my hair, and the last step was to apply the conditioner.

The Detox Hair Protein is another product that is part of this hair system that I did not try out. It is supposed to nourish and protect the hair from the astringent action of the shampoo.

I’ve done this treatment just once a week and there has been a noticeable difference in my hair texture. My hair is a different kind of soft now. It’s not silky soft, but more like a fluffy soft with much more volume. Also, my scalp does still get dry and flaky, but not as much as before. More importantly, though, my scalp doesn’t get so oily on the second day after a wash. I can go at least two or sometimes even three days without my hair looking like a hot mess between washes.

I’m pretty happy with the results so far. Hopefully with more use the flakiness will be completely eliminated. I’m also going to see if I can go longer without washing my hair because I know that has contributed to the dandruff as well.

Do you have the same hair issues that I have? What have you done to get rid of flakiness and oily hair?

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