Classic Fashion: Sunglass Styles We Loved Then…and Now

Yes, it’s the one summer fashion staple everyone needs, and with the weather starting to heat up, it’s definitely time to break out the sunglasses. Those of you long-time readers know about my sunglass fetish, although sadly I had to get rid of a few in my collection because they either broke or got scratched up.

Sunglass styles have changed over the years, but lately I’ve been gravitating towards classic styles because I’m getting older and it would be nice to have a pair that I can keep around for a long time. Here are a few classic styles that keep coming back:

Ray-Ban Clubmaster – This iconic style that you see hipsters wearing now was actually a style that I wore back in the 90’s – as you can see in this throwback photo of me below. Mine were not made by Ray Ban, though.

Jackie O Sunglasses – Jackie Kennedy’s signature style has made an imprint on fashion, and it’s no wonder she’s on the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame. Oversized sunglasses were her thing, and they’ve been one of my favorite styles for awhile now.

Thanks to Shade Station I have a new pair of the Ray-Ban Jackie Ohh sunglasses that have now become my favorite pair. This was actually my first time ordering a pair of glasses online, and they fit perfectly!

Cat-Eye Sunglasses – If you want to add just a little bit of sass to an outfit, the cat-eye will do just that. Since the 50’s and 60’s we’ve seen this style cycle back and make statements.

Aviator Sunglasses – In my opinion, Tom Cruise aka “Maverick” was the one who put aviator sunglasses on the map. My jaw dropped and drooling commenced the second he put on those glasses in that famous movie.

Which of these classic sunglass styles is your favorite?

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