Why You Should Go Without Makeup In Public One Day Per Week

Me with bedhead and no makeup

There used to be a time when I couldn’t walk outside of the house without some makeup. It was unfathomable. At the very least I had to put on eyeliner. I just didn’t feel complete without something on my face.

Those days are long gone.

It’s taken awhile to really be comfortable with myself and truly accept that I am beautiful with or without makeup. As you start to grow up and mature, you realize that it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks about you.

I think it’s important for women to take off the makeup at least once a week and just bare their real selves without all the enhancements. If you go to a workplace every day, you’ll probably get side glances and remarks like “You look different” and “Is something wrong?”, which you may interpret as “You look better with makeup than without makeup”. Just be like Anne Fox and give them the middle finger (in your mind) and say, “I don’t care if you think I’m pretty or not today.”

I applaud celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow who have no problem showing off their beauty sans makeup. She actually looks just as beautiful without it. When you are filled with genuine love and positive energy, it does shine through to the outside. I just wish that tabloids wouldn’t sensationalize celebrities who do go out without makeup because it makes it seem like they’re doing something wrong – that they are not like you or me.

Makeup is a wonderful invention and it has its benefits, but if it becomes an addiction that you can’t live without, then maybe it’s time to look deeper at why you feel this way.

The more you go out into public without makeup, the less self-conscious you become. You become more confident with your natural beauty. You get it out of your head that everyone is looking at you. I recommend that you try it out for at least one day per week. Share your experiences via comments below or on this post on Facebook.

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