Top 5 Tips for Black Friday Online Shopping

Sure, you could camp out in front of stores Thanksgiving night for Black Friday deals, but if you know where to shop, you can avoid the hassle, sleep in your own bed, and find great deals from the comfort of your home. Here are top 5 tips for Black Friday online shopping and finding great deals on the web:

1. Look for sneak peeks 
Many retailers will give sneak peeks of items going on sale before the date. Knowing what these items are as well as when the deal will be released is imperative to finding the deal. Since retailers will release different deals at different points during the day, know when your deals are being released so you don’t miss out.

2. It can extend beyond Black Friday
The truth is “Black Friday” deals can be found all holiday season long. You simply have to know where and when to find them. Continually check in with your favorite sites, do the research, and find out when the best dates are to find these deals. If you miss out on the actual date, don’t give up, it is possible another sale date will come out before the holiday season ends.

3. Find codes 
Some sites don’t allow coupon codes on Black Friday; however, some still allow you to use codes at checkout. Do your research early, visit coupon generating sites, and make sure to enter them at checkout. Online catalogues tend to be a great place to use online codes as they almost always have a sale on. Visit for more information on catalogues, their credit options and discount codes.

4. You can find free
Many retailers offer free promo gifts on Black Friday. If you spend $75 or more with certain purchases, you can receive a free gift. You will not only find lower prices, but may also end up with a little something for yourself.

5. Don’t wait until Friday 
The biggest mistake you can make is to wait too long. If you start your research Thursday evening or 5 AM on Friday, everything you may want is already going to be sold out. If you start your research early, you can potentially map out your shopping day to ensure you get everything you want for the lowest prices.

You don’t have to limit yourself to shopping in stores; it is possible to find deals online on Black Friday, but you have to begin shopping early, and research as early as possible. Doing so will allow you to find great deals and all items you want from the comfort of your home.

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