Are Watches the New Arm Party?

There was a time when people didn’t walk out of the house without putting on a watch, but since the advent of cell phones, we don’t see these classic timepieces as often as we used to. Except for a few occasions, I personally haven’t worn a watch since the late 90’s. I do appreciate the beauty of a fashionable watch, and realize that watches serve as a reminder to appreciate every moment
According to this article on, watches may be the new arm party. I did a quick search on Instagram for the #watch hashtag, and over 6.8 million posts showed up. Who knew people loved their watches so much? Here are a few photos I like…

You can style a large watch with a few dainty chain bracelets…

Gold watch

Sometimes a large watch is perfectly fine being worn by itself. Combine it other fashionable accessories, and you have a perfectly stylish outfit.

I like the elegant look of this black and gold watch paired with thin diamond and gold bangles.

Speaking of black and gold watches, I really like the simplicity of this Emporio Armani watch made of leather and rose gold. It’s actually a man’s watch, but women don’t care anymore since big watches seem to be in fashion these days, right? I was browsing through all these Emporio Armani watches, and found myself adding most of the men’s watches to my wishlist.

I would wear the watch with this Fossil rose gold wrap bracelet and a House of Harlow sunburst wrap bracelet in grey and rose gold.

Techie watches like the new Apple watch and Samsung watch may be stealing the spotlight right now, but we’re already distracted enough with our phones. I’ll be sticking with the tried and true classic wrist watch. What about you?

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