2 Super Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair

As some of you know, I have a tendency to get in a hairstyle rut. I did a 30-day hairstyle challenge and failed. I tried it again. Failed one more time. Finally, I was able to handle a 5-day series of different hairstyles.

I really just don’t have the patience to stand there in front of the mirror for more than 10 minutes to do my hair. I spent most of the summer putting my hair up in a bun because well, it’s summer. If you have long hair, you end up putting it up in a messy bun four hours after you’ve spent 30 minutes curling or straightening and styling it.

So here we are in the fall season, and I can finally wear my hair down. But what are some easy hairstyles that I can do in less than 10 minutes?

Sometimes I’ll go to Pinterest for hairstyle ideas, but this time I organized my hair accessories to get inspiration. I actually cleaned out my whole cabinet of jewelry and accessories and discovered all these flower barrettes I forgot I had.

Easy fall hairstyle with flower barrette

Now when I say these are simple hairstyles, I mean that they are so simple that a 7-year-old could do it. Seriously.

I curled my hair with the Hot Tools ceramic curler that I bought about 7 years ago and it’s still going strong. I slicked one side of my hair back with K√©rastase’s Baume Double Je, which is just fancy for “styling balm”, and finished off the look with one of my new flower hairpins from Forever 21. I say “new” because it was one of those things I forgot I had when I was reorganizing. And to think I was going to buy new hair accessories the other day…

For my second hairstyle I braided sections of hair while it was slightly damp from washing. I kept the braids in for about 15 minutes, let them out, and sprayed with K√©rastase’s Laque Noire, which offers an extra strong hold. Voila! I was out and about at a BBQ festival all day, and was pleasantly surprised that the waves in my hair did stay put.

Easy wavy hairstyle

Wearing my baseball cap

If you’re looking for something a little more fun, here’s a video with 5 simple fall hairstyles…

If you have long hair, do you like simple and easy hairstyles or do you like to take your time creating elaborate hairstyles in the morning?

Love flower barrettes as much as I do? Add these to your collection…


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