Easy Tips to Get Shapely Eyebrows at Home

Eyebrow threading
My friend getting her eyebrows threaded

Today I visited an eyebrow salon with my friend because she wanted to get her eyebrows threaded. I’ve never experienced eyebrow threading, and I’m a little apprehensive about getting them done because of my low threshold for pain. After seeing how my friend teared up, I’m not sure I’ll try it out anytime soon!

Yup, I think I’ll stick with grooming my eyebrows at home, thank you very much. With these easy tips from Umbreen Sheikh, founder of Wink Brow Bar in Manhattan’s West Village, you can get shapely eyebrows at home too:

Start off with a guideline. I recommend going to a brow specialist in your area or your favorite cosmetics counter to mark up your official brow lines. They will help to measure the shape of your natural brow which will then act as your dotted line to maintaining the shape.

– Once the shape is complete, follow the guidelines to fill in brows and extend the natural lines. Be mindful to those “stray” hairs that fall within the dotted lines because yes, it may look like a “stray”, but if its within the natural lines, it belongs there. Put the Tweezer down!

Create a shadow behind the hairs by using a brow powder to create the appearance of thick and bold brows. Brow powders are easiest for beginners because you can build up the color, versus drawing it on. Try out the Wink Brows to Go Quad that includes a contour shade, an overall fill in shade, a highlighter and a brow wax. Leave the brow pencil to the professional because harsh filling in can age you dramatically.

Finally, finish off with a brow wax. Consider this “hairspray” for your brows to keep them in place all day long. This brow wax helps hold down hairs and push them closer to the skin, resulting in the appearance of thicker, more full, brows.

If you have sparse eyebrows like me, here’s a video tutorial that shows how to fill in your brows…

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  1. I desperately need help with my eyebrows because they are so unshapely. I appreciate these tips and would like to try them to see if they could help me. Thank you!!

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