How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Quote about comparing yourself to others

You are looking at just the good side of other girls, try to see the bad side to them as well. Try to see the full person you are jealous of. See both sides. See that you are over emphasizing parts of them, try to see that they are just girls with flaws and talents. Try to be just as concerned with what is going in inside you, your thoughts, as what is going on around you, other girls. Try to notice when you are thinking negative about yourself and your life…

This is advice from a post on thecalminside on Tumblr where a teenage girl asks how she can stop comparing herself to other girls.

My thoughts: It’s easy to look at other people and think they are better in some way, but the truth is, we all have things we could work on. Nobody is “perfect” in the sense that life is rainbows and unicorns all day everyday. The popular people or celebrities whom we think have these wonderful lives with beautiful physical features, luxurious material items, or success that we want may actually be living in sadness and negativity.

When you begin to have these feelings of jealousy, divert your attention back to yourself. Focus on the good things about YOU and your own beauty, gifts, and talents that you have been given. It helps to write down a list of all the special things that you bring to this world.

When you begin to realize your true power – your true beauty – those illusions of other people being better than you will begin to fade away.


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