Beauty Is…A Lazy Sunday

Cat relaxing
We should take a page out of the cat’s playbook.

A day of relaxation on a regular basis is good for the mind, body, and soul.

I remember Sundays as a young girl. I would play outside with the neighborhood kids, read a book, or listen to the radio and practice drill team dance moves. Sundays were a day with no agenda. You did whatever the day gave you. It was a day off school and that’s all that mattered.

Then we grow up and there are these things called “responsibilities” that bog us down. We should be busy accomplishing goals outside of work, making sure our homes are spotless, or catching up on that never-ending To Do list. Then there are the social and family obligations to attend to. Sundays suddenly turn into a glorified weekday except we’re not at work.

Well, I’m here to recommend that you give yourself at least one Lazy Sunday a month for the sake of your mind, body, and soul. Yes, this is my beauty tip of the week! Why have Lazy Sundays? Here’s an article that shares a few surprising benefits of relaxation.

You are free to sleep in until noon, lay in bed for another hour and just let your mind veg out, and then remain in your pajamas for the rest of the day reading that book you’ve had on your summer reading list (mine is “Under the Tuscan Sun”), make a yummy fruit smoothie, and daydream about roaming through the streets of Italy. That was my Sunday in a nutshell. Oh, and I wrote this article. So it wasn’t 100% lazy 🙂

And if you can muster up the courage to put your phone on silent (easier said than done!), and listen to at least 15-30 minutes of an inspiring talk on YouTube or meditate on positive thoughts, you can help detox your mind from the negativity that may have accumulated in your subconscious. Yes, even the most positive of us can be influenced or affected by other people’s drama and negative vibes.

Do you practice being lazy on a regular basis?


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