Shoes That Will Never Fail You

Black flats with black and white dress

If there’s one type of shoe that is a staple in my closet, it’s a pair of black flats. I didn’t realize how important this shoe was to me until I started working in retail sales when standing up for 8 hours a day was the norm.

The beauty of black flats is that you can wear them with everything – I mean everything – whether it’s jeans, shorts, skirt, or dresses. Yeah, they could be considered boring, but I don’t care. They’re comfortable and that’s all that matters to me. I tend to wear them out, so I end up buying a new pair every couple years. I actually should keep a few pairs and rotate them, though.

My current favorite is a pair of sateen ballerina flats by Skechers’ “Bobs” collection. I do have a pair of Michael Kors black leather flats, but I added clip-on red felt flowers for fun.

My favorite black flats

I love to wear my flats with the Kushyfoot foot covers to add a little style, plus they help keep my feet from getting smelly because they tend to sweat alot. This spring Kushyfoot came out with a few new styles, which were sent to me to review. I already have a few pairs of the foot covers that I absolutely love.

You wouldn’t think that something like a pair of foot covers would make a difference in an outfit, but I get so many compliments when I wear them. I also have the extreme low cut foot covers that don’t show, but offer so much comfort with the foot cushion and heel guard.

Kushyfoot padding

Kushyfoot has also introduced a sheer anklet that looks really cute in black and worn with Mary Janes like this outfit pictured in the brochure that I received with the samples…

Instead of wearing the sheer anklet with flats, I think they look much better with my black platforms. I just love the way they feel…

What is your go-to pair of shoes that you love to wear?

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