Wedding Rings With Timelessness in Mind

Picking out his and her wedding rings is often one of the first ‘official’ acts a couple does as they approach the commitment of a marriage that will bind the two of them legally together into a married partnership.  Depending on your relationship and the type of communication you have had about the subject of marriage, either you pick your rings together, or each partner selects a ring for the other, individually, as a part of the traditional suspense of the wedding proposal and later ceremony.  Either way, the choice deserves a lot of thought.

Bride and groom holding hands
Team Effort

If the process of selecting rings is a team effort for the affianced, communication between the partners is essential.  Everything from choice of material for the wedding band to style and type of diamonds to include may be open for discussion, although often, a woman may have had a very clear idea of what she imagines as her ideal wedding ring for some time.

Although the choice of what material the band is made of may seem like a no-brainer to many people, with the majority of wedding rings made of solid gold, there are valid options in the modern world that many may consider for a look that is unique and represents the style of the wearer. Some alternative materials to look at may include:

– Platinum

– Stainless steel

– Titanium

– White gold

– Tungsten carbide

For many people, the first real decision about a wedding ring will be more about the look and design details of the ring than materials it is made from.  This is a very personal choice, of course, and must take into consideration the unique individual style of the wearer.  Take all the time you need to look over options and make a choice that will last.  Not only is the wedding ring a major investment for most couples getting married but it is also going to be an outward symbol of your love that you should want to wear with joy for all the years to come.  The look and style should be classic and timeless enough that it will always feel right, regardless of changes in age, style or fashion.

Surprise Rings

Some men prefer to maintain the suspense of the proposal, and a man may not wish to consult with his intended prior to selecting the ring with which he will ask her hand in marriage.  While this is acceptable in the etiquette and traditions of marriage, it also makes sense to make a selection from a store that has a liberal return policy, so that if the choice of ring is not the choice she would have made, there is still time to find the right one before the ceremony makes it more permanent.

Engraving Your Rings

Many people consider having a personal message, such as names or the date of an anniversary, engraved on the inside of the wedding band.  This is a personal choice of course, and allows the couple to attach even further meaning to the beautiful symbol of the rings that represent their love.  It is best to keep it simple, though, not only because there is limited room for writing on the inside of the wedding band, but also because this will be a forever part of your ring, and a catch phrase that may seem clever now might seem worn out by the time you are eighty.

In all your thoughts on preparing for the big day, remember that it is about celebrating a unique love between you and your partner.  Choose wedding rings with this special bond in mind, and the rings you select will reflect your happiness in this moment, forever.

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