Inner Beauty Tip: Have Fun!

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Camille Macres has just started a series on her blog called “21 Days To Unlock Your Inner Beauty”, and the challenge she set for Day 2 is to choose one area in your life that you aren’t having fun in and make a change so that you can have more fun.

Life on earth is too short not to have fun. When you have more fun, there’s more pep in your step, you smile more and are naturally a happier person, which in turn makes you look more beautiful!

I generally have fun regardless of what I’m doing, however one area that I didn’t have much fun in until just recently is running. It seemed so boring and tiring, but ever since I started training for the 5K Chocolate run coming up here in San Diego, I’ve changed my attitude about running. I even ran 1.5 miles straight last week, which is something I haven’t done in a very long time.

Puma running shoe

I also bought a pair of new running shoes to keep me inspired and motivated to run. Can you believe I paid only $17 for these shoes at the Puma outlet?

What helped me change my attitude towards running was visualizing the end result, which was being more healthy and fit. I also switch up my running route every now and then so I’m not seeing the same thing every time I run. I’m the type of person that needs variety when exercising.

What area of your life will you work on to have more fun?

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