From Winter to Spring: Classic Fashions That You Transform With the Weather

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The period between winter and spring is an awkward time of year. You can’t pack away your winter wardrobe because you have to dress warm in the early mornings and late evenings, but you need lighter clothing in the daytime. This presents the perfect time to rock trendy winter pieces while incorporating spring colors into your outfits. Here are some ways to get out of your fashion limbo and make the smooth transition from winter to spring.

Think Layers

Hang up the parkas and pull out a light and fresh spring jacket. Since the weather can be unpredictable, you could pile on lots of layers and peel them off as the day progresses. Spring pieces, such as cardigans, t-shirts, tanks, and blazers tend to be summer-inspired, so use them in layers and throw on a mid-length jacket or velvet blazer as a transition piece.  Exchange your heavy winter scarves for a lightweight rectangular one and you’re good to go!

Add a Punch of Color

Use color strategically to add a bit of spring to your winter wardrobe and transition with style. Take your cue from nature and use color trends to wake up your outfits. Nothing says you’re ready for spring like mint, lemon, pink, beige, peach, blue, and grass green. A colored scarf, sweater, cardigan, or pants will give you the feel of spring in the final days of winter. An even more important, you’ll be ready for pastel shades, bare arms, and open toes when spring rolls around.

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Move Away from Solids

Don’t wait until it’s too hot to wear your bold prints and floral dresses. An all-out solid ensemble is a total waste when you can rebirth some winter pieces with a fabulous print.

Again, it doesn’t take much to pair your winter necessities with spring pieces to look fashionable and keep warm. For example, a floral dress looks greats over dark leggings or with a cardigan or mid-thigh boots.

Jeans are multi-seasonal and are appropriate for any season. But instead of wearing dark jeans, get some colored denim jeans. They’re warm enough for a cold day, but the bright colors will remind you of a sunny afternoon. Go for solid colors in shades of blue, peach, yellow and sorbet.


Scarves are the ultimate transition accessory. They’ll add color and fun to your outfits, help you keep warm, and save you lots of money. Invest in a few scarves, in bright colors and patterns, and pair them with your winter neutrals.

If you must wear basic colors on a drab mid-season day, use a colorful print scarf to transform your outfit. Patent handbags, clutch purses, colorful shades, and floppy hats are other spring accessories that will complement your winter outfits.

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Jewelry is an easy and inexpensive way to transition your outfits from winter to spring. Chunky, colorful, and bold statement pieces will brighten up your neutrals and dark clothing. Make sure you don’t wear too many pieces at once; moderation is essential.

Keep your eyes open for floral accents, bright necklaces, sparkly bangles, colorful beads, chunky rings, and pastel stones. Your winter wear will feel like spring when you add these fun and colorful pieces.

Step into Spring

Your shoes play a significant role in the transition from winter to spring. Like other accessories, they have the power to set the tone for your outfits. Put away the heavy winter boots and transition into wedges, sandals, pumps, flats, and lightweight boots for those brisk days.

Don’t Forget your Crowning Glory

As the days warm up, you won’t need the hat you wore all winter long. If you’ve been neglecting your locks, it’s time to get a new hairdo to transition into spring – plus it will lift your mood.

Get a layered cut, add bouncy bangs or color, blow it straight, or just get a trim to freshen your hair up for spring. And don’t forget the rest of your head; set your lips, eyes, and cheeks aglow with color as they’re your most visible accessories.

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