3 Things I’ve Learned From Spring Cleaning My Closet

My closet

At least twice a year I like to reorganize my entire closet. It’s a good time to assess the wardrobe and see if there are any necessities that can be added or if there are things I don’t use or wear anymore that can be donated.

Spring cleaning the closet is something I highly recommend everyone do because you will realize or be reminded of a few things:

1. You have more clothes than you think. Nothing annoys me more than hearing, “I don’t have anything to wear.” Really?! If you haven’t cleaned or organized your closet in awhile, I can guarantee there are clothes in there that you have totally forgotten about and can wear right now.

How about creating an outfit with pieces you haven’t worn together before? If there is something that is no longer “in style”, why not wear it with something that is trendy now and create your own style?

2. People spend way too money much on clothes. If you’re wondering why you’re broke all the time, take a look at how much money you spend on clothes every month. If most of your free time or weekend is spent wandering around the malls buying the latest fashion, maybe it’s time to find a less expensive hobby.

When I was in my early 20’s I went to the mall whenever I felt depressed. “Retail therapy” was my mantra and I used fashion to cover up what was really going on deep inside. It became an addiction. It wasn’t until I had spent thousands of dollars of my own money and went into debt that I finally woke up and addressed the issue. If you are in this situation, here are tips on how to curb habitual shopping.

3. Organizing your closet reduces time spent getting ready. How many times a week are you asking, “Where’s that…?” Then you spend about 10 minutes attempting to find where that item of clothing is.

When you organize your closet you also feel more inspired to put together a nice outfit, and you create an outfit much quicker and easier. You don’t feel overwhelmed by the mess or disorganization. RealSimple.com has some inspirational ideas for organizing your closet.

Do you clean out and organize your closet often?


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