Spring 2014 Jewelry Trends I Love Right Now

Valentino Spring 2014
Photo Credit: Gianni Pucci

There’s one thing that I can never get enough of: Jewelry. As a jewelry designer, I believe that jewelry is the icing on the cake when it comes to putting together a stylish outfit. This spring offers an array of styles that you can experiment with to create a new look or mix up with pieces from your current jewelry collection. Here are a few trends that I’m diggin’ right now…

Chain Link Necklaces – The bigger the better. Big chain link necklaces were spotted on the runways in every metal. The bold zodiac chain necklaces were a highlight at the Valentino show. You can make a necklace like this be the focal point and build an outfit around it. I love to see bright gold chain necklaces with a little black dress.

Layered Necklaces – It seems that more is more when it comes to jewelry this year. You can layer the aforementioned chain link necklaces or mix up a choker with a long necklace. There is an art to layering necklaces, and in this video Allison McNamara offers a few tips on how to rock this look…

I’ve never worn more than two necklaces at a time, but I think I’ll venture out of my comfort zone and wear three necklaces one of these days. I like the idea of layering dainty necklaces with chunky necklaces. Diamonds and Rings has a nice selection of necklaces that can be layered, and I’ve taken a liking to the cluster pendant necklaces. P.S. My birthday is coming up..hint, hint.

Circle Diamond Pendant Necklace

Opulent and Artsy Cuffs – Brands such as Prada and Celine have come out with bangles and cuffs that I’m drooling over. I especially like the opulent Prada cuff bracelets that remind of the art deco era.

Prada cuff bracelets

Honestly, though, I think the trends I mentioned in this post have been worn for several years now, and can be worn for many more years. I have a gold chain link necklace that I’ve been wearing for the past 10 years, I’ve been layering necklaces since my college days, and bold cuff bracelets will always find a place in current fashion. Bottom line: Wear whatever floats your boat, find a style that expresses who you are, and wear it with confidence. That’s all that matters!


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