Sometimes Fashion Doesn’t Matter

I am back from my trip to the Philippines and feeling so grateful for the time spent with family and knowing that they are safe and doing OK.

I arrived into Manila the day before the big typhoon came. I had heard reports that this was going to be a “super” typhoon and that it would hit the southern part of the Philippines, but I braced myself mentally because nothing is guaranteed with Mother Nature. I have experienced quite a few typhoons myself – being waist deep in water and walking outside with an umbrella only for it to crumple and fly out of my hands from the heavy winds.

I had plans to write about fashion in the Philippines during my stay there, but after the devastation that happened I just wanted to focus on being with my family. I spent days with my hair up in a messy bun. The clothes I wore were basic and minimal. Because I only came with a carry on bag, I often wore the same pieces of clothing. However, I did mix and match so that I could wear some pieces a few different ways, like my favorite black t-shirt. I did buy some laundry detergent and had to hand wash my clothes a couple times, but it reminded me just how good we have it here in the U.S. where washer and dryers are easy to come by!

It was great to finally meet Meikah of Brands For Grabs in person 🙂 We had breakfast at a lovely restaurant that serves delicious Filipino dishes.

I was reminded that beauty pageants are a big thing in the Philippines. Everyone was talking about Megan Young who was crowned Miss World 2013 back in September. I actually had never heard of “Miss World” until now.

Below are just a few of the many pictures I took during my adventure. Check out more on my Instagram page.


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