Tacori Engagement Rings Inspire Us to Be Passionate and Unique

Tacori sculpted crescent elevated crown ring
Photo Credit:  Whiteflash.com

I’ve been mulling over what I want to do with my beaded jewelry business – whether or not I should continue with the business. I want my jewelry to be completely unique and different from what others are offering. In my quest for jewelry inspiration, I found out about the Tacori brand of engagement rings, which I actually have never heard of until now. (Or maybe I just never paid attention?) I know what you’re thinking: “What rock has she been living under?” Apparently, a big rock, and it’s not a diamond.

I was browsing through the Tacori rings offered by Whiteflash Inc., and was truly inspired by these designs in particular…

The Sculpted Crescent Elevated Crown diamond engagement ring (pictured above) is a blend of old world design and modern flair with the intricate details extending halfway down the ring. I completely have a respect for the artist who has a passion for quality and detail to create something like this.

Tacori classic crescent twist princess diamond ring
Photo Credit:  Whiteflash.com

The Classic Crescent Twist Princess diamond ring (pictured to the left) is a design that I have never seen before.

Tacori has quite a few collections of rings including the “Blooming Beauties” collection that features diamonds surrounding the center diamond like a flower unfolding. They even have a “Pretty In Pink” collection in which the rings are made of rose gold.

Seriously, how does one even begin to pick out a ring? For those of you who have been reading this blog, you know my love/hate relationship towards engagement rings. However, I now have a newfound appreciation for diamond rings and understand why some women can be so indecisive about which ring they want. If it was me, I would want one for every day of the week! I do get it now. After all, this is the ring you could be wearing for a lifetime and passing down as part of your legacy.

If you’re a guy who happened to come upon this article in search of engagement ring shopping ideas, here are a few tips that I came across on Twitter:

Tip #1 for Engagement Ring Shopping: Listen to what she wants. More tips at… http://ow.ly/2zaqv
— GIA (@GIAnews) September 3, 2010

Matching set. Tip of the day: when shopping for an engagement ring check if the designer has a matching band… http://t.co/FIFo1ZL4
— Engagement 101 Mag (@Engagement101) June 13, 2012

Although diamond rings are completely different from beaded jewelry, I can’t help but feel inspired by this discovery of Tacori jewelry. What I find refreshing is the thought that goes into the design and making of each piece. When I make jewelry, my designs are created on the fly. Some pieces are very unique and different, but for the most part I think my jewelry could be replicated easily. And in the world of diamond jewelry, there are very few companies that create memorable pieces.

As many immigrants who come to the U.S. following a dream, Haig Tacorian had a vision of creating artisan jewelry that is timeless and can be treasured for generations. Every piece is handcrafted by artists in California. For a company that has been around for more than four decades, I can certainly take a page from the Tacori business model: Create jewelry that is truly unique and mix it up with passion, quality, and attention to detail. Actually, as a lover of fashion, you, too, can follow this model when putting together outfits and developing your own sense of style!


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